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Закладки Красная лилия / Red Lily (1924)

Красная лилия

Фред Нибло
Бесс Мередит, Фред Нибло
«A young man of wealth has been disinherited by his father for falling in love with a girl of poor parents and has fled with her to Paris. They lose each other there, and are drawn into the underworld. Years later the man, now a thief sought by the police, is lured into the room of a woman of the streets. In her room he recognizes the lost sweetheart of his youth. At the same instant she realizes that this disreputable gamin before her is the lost idol of her dreams. The final reunion of the lovers makes a climax of unutterable suspense»
В ролях:
Рамон Новарро, Энид Беннетт, Фрэнк Куррье, Митчелл Льюис, Rosita Marstini, Сидни Франклин, Уоллес Бири, Джордж Николс, Эмили Фитцрой, George Periolat
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